How to Earn From Blog

Many persons ask, how can I start earning from a blog and how much time it will take? My answer is yes, you can get a handsome amount of earning from your blog after 5 to 6 month. You don’t need to quit your current job or business and keep working what so ever you are doing and also start writing a blog about your business industry or passion. This will give you an extra amount of income if you write continually about one particular topic you like and it’s called nitch.

Here is a list of tasks which are required for writing every blog but first you have to get a domain name and best cloud hosting which you can get from and this is yearly money investment which is very necessary for every blog.

We will develop your website and you fully focus on writing a blog post with a described to-do list and in upcoming blog posts, I will explain each of the steps separately.

1. Research on Nitch (Topic) from Internet
2. Get 20 Keywords (, Google Search Console, Google Suggestions and Related Keywords, Answer the Public)
3. Create Folder and Files of Blog
4. Collect 20 Articles form the Internet about selected Keywords
5. Disallow search engine till site is fully ready
6. Create a Unique Logo and Fav-icon of the site
7. Most Important Tip is that give full-time work for 5 Months on that One Blog only.
8. Create 100 Quality and User-Friendly Posts as per Topic Requirement fulfilling the need of reader)
9. Put Adsense after 3 months of hard work
10. You will start earning 5 to 7 thousand per month after half a year of hard work and earning amount will increase day by day

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